Which Dog Breed is Best for New Hampshire Children?

Which Dog Breed is Best for Children?

Dog adoption is tricky. Finding a pet dog for a family with children takes time and patience. To find the best dog for your family, consider the dog breed first.

The Labrador dog breed is one of the best dog breeds for families with children. This dog breed is very affectionate. It scores high on the Loving Scale. The Labrador loves to play… especially Fetch! The Labrador is once again chosen as the most popular breed in America. It is also the most popular in the United Kingdom and Australia. According to the breed standards, Labradors are well balanced and represents the “perfect” dog. Labradors are people-oriented and have a great demeanor.

New England is a great place to own a Labrador. Take your dog out to play in the meadows and woods. Your pet dog — whether Labrador or really any other breed — requires that your children be responsible pet owners. Labradors need lots of exercise every day. Ensure your children are prepared to take the dog out for walks at least three times per day. Labradors make the perfect pet for the active family. They love swimming, fetching, or just hanging out with you.

While you can find dogs for sale, many Labradors here in Kentucky and down south are waiting for their forever home.

The Rescue Me Labrador dog rescue can help you adopt your next pet dog. We home many dogs in the New England area. If your next pet dog might be a Labrador, contact us today. We transport Labradors to The New England area.

Our Labs our temperament tested around children and cats.

Rescue Me Labradors starts basic training for our Labradors and Labs love to learn. We recommend you continue their training. Labradors are very trainable.