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About Our Artists

About Our Artists is a free animal rescue web site from Bogart Computing, LLC. The free rescue sites would not be possible without the generous contributions of talented artists. Doggie Drawings Lili Chin at takes commissions for pet portraits. She creates beautiful pictures of dogs, cats and any other animals. She donates a

Transport info and cost

Rescue Me Labradors will only use an Approved Transporter. An approved transporter is licensed by the USDA and usually has a permit in the state of origin and the states of destination. We are happy to help you set up transport for your new family member. There are several good transport services available. The cost

Adoption Process

Adoption Process Online Adoption Application Form Microsoft Word Adoption Application Form Please fill out the application for adoption and send it back to us. We will acknowledge your application via e-mail. After reference check, we will call you and confirm your approval of your new family member. Pay the adoption fee using pay pal on

Adoption and Transport cost

Adoption Cost Adoption Fees helps fund our rescue efforts. The adoption fee is $350.00 unless otherwise stated.There is a seperate transport cost of $125.00 paid to the Approved Transport service. See transport information    

About The Breed

Labradors belong to the Sporting Group in the American Kennel Club designation. The Labrador’s job is to flush birds and retrieve them. Labradors are an excellent choice for the responsible pet owner. In fact, the lab may spoil you for other breeds! These are friendly, happy, adaptable, intelligent and family loving dogs. Labradors love to

Which Dog Breed is Best for New Hampshire Children?

Which Dog Breed is Best for Children? Dog adoption is tricky. Finding a pet dog for a family with children takes time and patience. To find the best dog for your family, consider the dog breed first. The Labrador dog breed is one of the best dog breeds for families with children. This dog breed

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