About The Breed

About LabsLabradors belong to the Sporting Group in the American Kennel Club designation. The Labrador’s job is to flush birds and retrieve them. Labradors are an excellent choice for the responsible pet owner. In fact, the lab may spoil you for other breeds! These are friendly, happy, adaptable, intelligent and family loving dogs. Labradors love to carry things such as toys in their mouths. They can weigh between 45lbs and 100 lbs. Labradors are yellow,black or chocolate.

downtown dogLabradors thrive on love and attention. All things considered, the Labrador is the very best family dog. They love swimming,hanging out with you and playing. They are great with children and gentle with the elderly and disabled. Labradors are very loyal and trainable.

Labradors is one of the main breeds used for guide and rescue. They are definitely people-oriented dogs.

Labradors love people and children and want to be with their family. They are happy and always wagging their tail. Labradors make wonderful family pets and great companions.